First, a Passiv-Erdhaus is a low-rise building like a knoll. Though living in a small housing estate close to a similar house e.g. at the south side in front of you, you get enough sun lightand have also a nice view over a planted "knoll"

 Second, because of the well insulated walls and tempered air with the help of earth it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Additionally, it is also quite soundproof.

Third, it is almost barrier-free! No stairs, wide doors, walk-in shower, remote-controlled dimmer etc.

 Fourth, the adequate interior and the wind-protected patio of the Passiv-Erdhaus "Erdferienhaus" (builder-owner Dr. Heinfried Aufmhoff) will be a pleasure for eveybody at any age who wants to spend their holiday in such a unique and silent ambiance.